Preparing for Your Float

Here are some recommendations to ensure your float is the best it can be, every time!


The Day of Your Float:

Tips: Before your appointment, you may want to lay low on caffeine. Floating is relaxing, and a grumbling stomach is distracting; so eat a light meal before your appointment but allow 30 minutes to digest. Don't shave your legs! It will sting. If you recently dyed your hair or spray tanned, don't book an appointment. Wait until it sets. If your shower water runs clean, you're good to go. If it is not clear, your dye will stain our tanks and disrupt our water chemistry which will result in a fee discussed in our Safety Form and Liability Waiver Agreement.

What to Bring: Your hair will get wet, so if you're not into the whole wet-hair look before you leave, we suggest bringing your comb. Don't worry, we provide hair dryers. If you wear contacts, be sure to bring your solution and case to put your contact lenses into. Shoes, flip flops and all other footwear are not allowed in the suites, so we recommend bringing a pair of socks to wear.

Arrival at Rest & Revive: New clients need to arrive 20 to 30 minutes before their appointment time. Those who arrive late will need to reschedule -- this is to preserve the quietness and integrity of all of our floats, which we start simultaneously. To save time, you're encouraged to read, agree to and sign our Safety Form and Liability Waiver Agreement before you come in. Or we'll simply ask for you to do this here at the Center before your first float.

Float Suite Amenities: Ear plugs, q-tips, towels/wash cloth, Vaseline packets to protect small cuts and scrapes.

Showering Before Your Float: Fully disrobe. Your suite has hooks, a bench and shelves so you don't have to put your clothes on the floor. Before showering, place the mold-able ear plugs in your ears, carefully shaping and sealing them so water does not seep through. Water sanitation is very important to us and to our clients. Thoroughly shower, using our provided shampoo and body wash, and rinse thoroughly to avoid bringing body oils/fragrances, dirt/debris, etc. into the water.

Your Float Session: Carefully enter the float tank, sit down and lie back gently. The silky solution is heated to skin temperature and will lift your body allowing you to float effortlessly. You can adjust the light if you desire and close your eyes. Allow the water to cushion your body and find a comfortable position -- arms out to your side, crossed over your chest, whatever you find that works best for you. If you feel you need a little extra support for your head or neck, a floating pillow is provided. Breathe, relax and notice how your muscles are relaxing over the time you are spending in the tank. When your session is over, the tank lights and/or music will fade in or you may hear the tank's filtration unit turn on. Carefully sit up and exit the tank, being cautious of the slickness of the bottom of your feet while you step onto the floor and into the shower.

Post Float Shower: You'll want to shower after you float to rinse off the salty solution. After showering, get dressed and exit your float suite so that a staff member may sanitize, clean and prepare the room before the next client. Our restrooms are equipped with hair dryers for your convenience.

Before Leaving: Check out with one of our staff members. Stay for a chat, write a comment, or remain seated simply to relish in the post-float glow you're experiencing.

Pointers to get over first-float apprehension:

So you've never floated before? We're so glad you've chosen Rest & Revive Float Center to be your first place to use float therapy! Here are some tips and pointers on getting over that pre-float apprehension (don't worry, some people are as cool as James Dean for their first float, and some aren't).

- Don't be afraid to ask for music: Floating alone in silence can be intimidating at first. Before orientation, be sure to ask a staff member to add music during your float if you'd like. Relaxing music encourages peace and tranquility, welcoming you into the space that is the float tank. If you're settled in and feel you no longer need music, just turn the volume down or off (music control is located in the lobby and inside the tank).

- Trust the water: It's not uncommon for first-time floaters to have a hard time trusting the water to keep them afloat. You can rest assured that the salty water solution will support your body, taking away much of the negative effects of gravity, allowing you to feel zero pressure points. People tend to hold onto a lot of tension, but let go and trust the water, it supports you.

- Give yourself what YOU need: What do you need to relax? Leave the door/lid open a little bit for the start of your float? Lights on? Music on or off? Just know, you are in control of your float. Allow yourself to "let go" because this is truly your ME-TIME. With practice, float therapy is a relaxing, personal and rejuvenating experience, but you must remember that you must "let go" and just be. You can have an amazing first float with a deep experience, but for some it may take 2 or 3 more floats before they get that incredible experience. This is why it's best to look at floating as a process and as a practice.