Eat This Before You Float

Ever regret eating too much? Sure you have. We all have. Have you ever eaten too much right before a float? Yeah, it’s dreadful. Your stomach is full, it’s making noises, trying to digest that humongous meal while you’re floating. The more you relax, the more it wants to interrupt you.

Skip the drama production and eat this one snack 30 minutes before you float. Are you ready? The perfect pre-float food to eat is: a banana!

Bananas are filling; they contain potassium, fiber, and (bonus!) tryptophan.

Why is it important to have a full stomach for a float?

We’re not talking about Thanksgiving over-stuffed stomach full. We’re talking about just the right balance. An empty stomach sometimes hurts, and a full one is maddening in a float tank.

The slightly green banana has resistant starch (RSII), a starch that is “highly resistant to enzymatic hydrolysis”[1]. What does that mean for you? Well, eating your slightly green banana will digest slowly, helping you stay fuller longer.

Why is potassium important?

Two words: Blood Pressure. Potassium is known to “help manage blood pressure and reduce strain on the cardiovascular system”[2]. Guess what? Float therapy has also been proven to “be an effective means . . . to lower systolic and diastolic pressure”[3].

Take your health and wellness routine to a new level and regularly combine eating a potassium-rich diet and float therapy. One caveat: don’t go bananas (haha) on consuming too much potassium, as it can also cause negative side effects; the kind float therapy can’t help you with.

What’s the deal with fiber?

Our delectable pre-float food contains fiber (about 3.1 grams). Fiber is important for our gut, as it “is the indigestible part of plant foods that travels through our digestive system, absorbing water along the way and easing bowel movements”[4]. Remember, a healthy gut is linked with our moods as fiber balances our blood sugar and insulin levels. Low levels (crashing) often produce “fatigue, anxiety, shaking, irritability and trouble concentrating”[5], pretty much the anti-float feelings you don’t want to have.

Tryptophan . . . isn’t that a turkey thing?

Tryptophan is a natural relaxant. Just don’t expect it to conk you out right off the bat. You know what else is a natural relaxant? Magnesium. Bananas contain magnesium, so we get a double whammy on this one. Float tanks are saturated with 1,000 pounds of Magnesium Sulfate (which is one reason why many use float therapy regularly for pain and stress relief). So with the tryptophan and magnesium in the banana, and magnesium in the tank, we get a triple whammy!

There you have it. The banana: a self-wrapped delicious food that’s quick to eat, keeps you full throughout your float, gives you a natural dose of potassium, fiber, tryptophan and magnesium, and has the potential to help regulate your mood and promote sleep. Eat them regularly, friends, and float on with a happy tummy.

What's that? You're not a fan of bananas? Inconceivable! Ok, here's a brief list of alternative pre-float foods you may also enjoy, but for different reasons:

  • Nuts

  • Avocados

  • Blueberries

  • Oatmeal

  • Apples

  • Warm milk (sure, that's a drink, but add this along with your choice of food and BAM, you've got a great pre-float snack)

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