Floating for Two

The Best Float Positions While Pregnant

What's a wonderful time of you life can also be filled with some pretty uncomfortable and downright painful moments. We're talking about pregnancy pains. Joints and muscles are subjected to aches and stresses only an expecting mom can accurately describe.

The extra weight, the awkward clumsiness of trying to find a decent sleep position, a sore back and screaming joints . . . these are all affected by the "g" word: GRAVITY. Add the other stresses of being pregnant, such as the endless doctor visits, hormone fluctuations, sleep deprivation, a batch of other woes and your body seems to be pumping out the stress-causing hormone Cortisol like a bartender serving drinks at a party.

When you live with pain, your stress levels increase which make dealing with said pain even more stressful. It's a terrible cycle.

I'm certainly not speaking from experience, but as a husband who's wife endured the prickly lows along with the wonderful highs of pregnancy; I can tell you there is relief for mom-and-baby.

The relief? Weightlessness, relaxation and peace alone with your baby. Enter the Float Tank. It has 10 inches of water, super-saturated with 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salt, allowing you to float effortlessly. Mom-and-baby can connect on a new level, where mother's body is aligned, escaping gravity at long last. With proper alignment blood flows easier, providing much needed oxygen to damaged tissues such as muscles. The break from gravity removes pressure points on the joints, giving mom a chance to feel relaxation like never before. As a bonus, many mommies report hearing their child's heartbeat and their movements are more noticeable.

While floating, there are several unique positions an expecting mother can get into that are otherwise impossible without the tank aiding them. Take a look at the images below and remember each one before your next visit to R&R so you can give it a try.